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This page shows some of the advanced 110 film format cameras. There are others, but these were the ones I owned. It might help you to decide which one to buy. Here they are:

These are all high-end 110 film pocket cameras with high quality and luminous lenses.

Pentax Auto 110  Body 159gr, 177cm³
                        Minox 110S 130 gr, 184 cm³
Agfamatic 6008 225 gr, 222 cm³
Pentax Auto 110 Super 172gr, 249cm³Minolta 470 187 gr, 169 cm³
Vivitar 742 272 gr, 306cm³
Rollei A110 185 gr, 111 cm³Canon 110ED 295gr, 231cm³

The cameras with their flashes.

Seen from above.

The Rollei is by ways the smallest camera. There is no electronic flash for it, but, as all the others, it adapts well to available light. It's fully automatic. The other automatic ones are the Minolta, which is small and light as well, the Agfa, and the Vivitar, which is the biggest, but has a built-in flash.

The Minox and Canon are aperture priority cameras, which might be a feature to choose. The Minox is very small and very light. It has also a real rangefinder. The Minolta and the Vivitar have a rangefinder as well. So this might have some preference. But keep in mind that the rangefinder spots are small and that the cameras are 50 years old, so the spots have faded a bit.

The Agfa has an excellent makro lens built-in, which focusses down to 25 cm. The Minolta has such a lens as well, but it's less capable, 50cm. A makro lens might be a good item for some.

The Pentax is a real SLR camera and its lens and filter system. The Super version leaves nothing to desire. It's not bigger than a standard mono-lens camera. As it's not expensive these days, I would either choose this one or one of the very compact ones.

The return of 110 film made it possible to use these advanced cameras again. It's real fun.
Nevertheless they are all toys. The small picture format is a severe limit. An Olympus Mju II is not bigger, weighs less than most of them and has at least a similar lens quality. But is has 4 times the film surface for sharp photos.

Even the Pentax with its 3 lenses can be beaten by a simple Konica Lexio 70. You have similar focal length without changing lenses in a small body as well, but again you have 4 times the picture surface.